Spring Show 2017: Preparation


We showed you the making of our Spring Show 2017 commercial, as well as the video! But, you’ve yet to see the amazing show itself! This post will give you an inside look at what it took to create such a massive and immersive experience in our studio space. Stay tuned for the next–we’ll give you an in depth walk through of the stunning finished project and an overview of our new style collections.

We do shows displaying our pieces often–but this one was different. We wanted to push ourselves and top anything we’ve done before. We ended up with a showroom that encompasses tens of thousands of square feet, explored the entire breadth of iNSPIRE Q’s products, and showcased our developing design apps, including augmented and virtual reality. It was quite a feat, and our entire team was incredibly dedicated and one heck of a job!

IMG_1285The showroom consisted of six distinct spaces where each of the style collections–iQ Bold, iQ Modern, iQ Classic, iQ Junior, and iQ Oasis–were displayed. To simulate the look and feel of touring a house–we built a house! And a few others to go in the backyard. We had some major construction going on in our studio for a while.


We even laid “sod” and put siding on the house facades. Around other parts of the studio, we built open spaces that acted as rooms for our collections, and they all connected to each other as if you were walking through a home.



Here’s an overview of about half of the showroom. It was a work in progress at this point! And, after all the construction was finished, over 700 items had to be brought in, positioned and staged. Our designers did a beautiful job, as you’ll see in the next post. Their job was an intense one too–can you imagine prepping all these rooms with accessories, and matching each piece with another perfectly? The results were entirely worth it, though!


After all the construction was done and the designers brought everything together, we were ready for our clients to take the big tour. Our photographers also documented the entire space for you to virtually tour!


Check in next week for the full disclosure! We’re sure you’ll love it.