High Point House: Two Guest Bedroom Styles


The next two guest bedrooms in the High Point House are a simple study in interior design; the before photos show that the rooms were in pretty good shape, if not bland. The perfect blank slate! The fun aspect of Mid-Century design is that you have room to do the unexpected, and because contemporary trends have evolved directly from the clean and simple lines of the 50’s and 60’s, blending old and new is a breeze. Here are a few quick tips!

There’s not much to say about the space, other than pointing out the few major things we changed: wall color and flooring. A warm grey updated the room without making it too sterile. That buttery-yellow paint certainly wasn’t the worst shade we’ve come across, but it didn’t do anything to bring the space into the 21st century. The tired carpets were pulled up for a cool beige/grey carpet that had a luxurious geometric texture. The second guest room looked much the same, save for the wood paneled walls that we gave a fresh coat of paint.

For a guestroom, a welcoming bed is the top priority. It should have a little “wow” factor, and coincide with the rest of the home’s décor. We went a bit more contemporary in this room, opting for a sleek, faux leather upholstered queen bed in a dark brown color. This substantial piece really makes a statement and sets the stage for some lovely contrast.

With a light, neutral bedspread, we went bright and punchy with the throw pillows! That touch of red livens up the space and off-sets the high-contrast theme, adding just enough warmth. That one black and white diamond patterned throw completes the entire bedding ensemble and slyly references that abstract/geometric, creating a sort of visual cadence that moves your eye around the space.

As for the nightstand, we went old school, choosing a beautiful chestnut wood finish and clean lines that are straight out of the Mid Century era. Their rich, ruddy tone plays off those bright red pillows and boldly mixes old and new styles.



In this light and bright space, we started with neutrals once again. (Really, they’re so beautiful) You just can’t beat soft beige and creams. And yes, they most definitely can go with a light gray wall color! Even though beige and gray are on opposite ends of the cool/warm spectrum, they are still neutrals, so they’ll play nice together. To add a little dimension, we chose a deep midnight blue accent color. It’s not quite navy, which may have been too dark, but it does the trick!

Make your guests feel super welcome and pile those throw pillows high. You really can’t have too many, so give the bed that luxurious and relaxing feel. Between the inviting, elegant neutrals and a natural oak finish bedroom set, this guestroom is understated and refreshing!

The soft and swirling artwork above the bed’s headboard ties in all the subtle colors and textures of the space seamlessly, creating a polished look. Wall art can be a difficult element to get right! Take your time when choosing the right pieces. Instead of building your room around a painting (unless you are absolutely in love) try adding the art last. You’ll have a much better chance of choosing exactly what your room design needs.

Between the inviting, elegant neutrals and a natural oak finish bedroom set, this guest room is understated and refreshing!

Which guest bedroom makeover is your favorite?