May Show Commercial: Part III

_D4A0119 1Mar 20 2017

Day 3: Filming!

The fun (and the chaos) begins! Shooting this commercial was quite a unique experience. With the director, his film crew, and our team pitching in, creating this video as an introduction to our upcoming show was a blast! We had a very short amount of time to get through each scene, and while the pace was fast, everyone was focused on completing this amazing project.

The different layers of creative work that goes on behind the camera is immense. The shots below scratch the surface of our behind the scenes effort, but we hope you enjoy a further look at the process!

_D4A0204Mar 20 2017

_D4A0225Mar 20 2017 1

Here’s our camera guy focusing in on his shot.

0K2A9278Mar 16 2017

Our director discusses the scene in between shots on set.

_D4A0230Mar 21 2017 1

_MG_0388Mar 21 2017

In the final product, this video features some amazing visual effects. However, shooting the raw footage on set isn’t always as glamorous, and takes some serious imagination on the part of the director and actor.

0K2A9407Mar 17 2017

0K2A9385Mar 17 2017

To get a smooth pan, we used a track while the camera man films.

_MG_0370Mar 21 2017

The team watching a playback of a recently shot scene.

_MG_0406Mar 22 2017

0K2A9483Mar 17 2017

A new take!

_MG_0376Mar 21 2017

Filming was watching from just off-set by onlookers.

0K2A9349Mar 17 2017

_D4A0083Mar 20 2017

_D4A0132Mar 20 2017

_D4A0186Mar 20 2017 1

As you can see, our set and studio is immense, and it’s all hands on deck to finish on schedule. (We did, of course!)

_D4A0307Mar 27 2017

Our director, Po Chou Chi, during his interview. He did an amazing job, pulling all these creative elements together to fabricate a stunning commercial for the upcoming show. Stay tuned; his full interview and more behind the scenes excitement will be released next week.


This is just a preview of what’s to come…we’ve saved the best for last! The commercial will be released shortly, so you can see the magic for yourself. Don’t forget to check back soon for the director’s exclusive interview!