Holiday Inspiration: Christmas Glam

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Christmas Glam Not all Christmas color schemes are traditional, and it’s important that however you choose to decorate for the holidays reflects your personal style! If you’re inspired by glamour, rich hues and grandeur, then this purple and gold dining room may be just right for you. With a little creativity, this festive look is […]

Holiday Table Setting in Blue

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Ten days and counting until Christmas, and everyone’s in a rush gift shopping and preparing for the big day! We decided to post a lovely table setting that’s sure to inspire as you get ready for your festivities. If you’re a little tired of the traditional green and red Christmas color palette and want to […]

Holiday Decor Inspiration

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The holidays are upon us, and though it’s still pretty early in the season, decorations and festivities are in full swing! You may already have your Christmas tree up and décor all around your home, but have you thought about bringing the holiday cheer into your bedroom or guestroom? It doesn’t take much to add […]

Bedroom Design Inspiration


Intro Bedrooms are a great place for you to express your unique style without holding back! They’re very personal, and the options are endless. Even for a guestroom or a child’s room, it’s important to choose a style that is eye-catching, fun, and welcoming. A successful bedroom design resides in the right accessories and color […]

Bar Carts: A Hosting Essential

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Along with the start of the Holiday Season comes a ton of gatherings, parties and celebrations, and entertaining guests becomes top priority! One thing you may have yet to consider is the addition of a bar cart to your home! It may seem a bit old fashion at first, but nowadays, bar carts are trendy […]

Classic Thanksgiving Decor


Autumn is about harvests, crisp weather, seasonal abundances, warm colors and pumpkin farm visits. Naturally, Thanksgiving is a culmination fall-inspired fun and family centered activities, as well as a kick-off to the holiday season. It’s a time for great food and company, so it’s only fitting that overflowing, colorful and bountiful decorations and arrangements are […]

Eclectic Styling: Part II

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  Welcome to Part II of Eclectic Styling! Here, we’ll finish up our discussion of the essential elements that make up a beautiful eclectic look, and how to bring your personal touch to a design. Let’s dive right in. Accessories and Accent Pieces If you’ve got your eye on  a funky piece or have one […]

Eclectic Styling: Part I


Elements of Eclectic Decorating Are you a free spirit who thinks out of the box? Or do you love intersecting different time periods, styles and elements to create a look that is uniquely yours? Then an eclectic design may be just your style. Pulling together a 19th century inspired chair with a modern end table […]

Urban Elegance


Give your bedroom a timeless and beautiful urban design. For a look that’s refined, simple and beautiful, urban inspired spaces offer a variety of stylistic options, but keep the overall design consistent and elegant. In the city, you can find older buildings that date back to turn of the century and the Victorian era. They […]

Decorating in Glam: Part III

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GLAM STYLE DINING Thanks for checking out Part III! So far, we’ve covered glam style for bedrooms and living spaces. Here, we’ll talk decorating tips for dining areas. As we’ve learned, glam isn’t really about over-the-top extravagance. A little sparkle goes a long way, and overcrowding your space with too much glitter will only steal […]