Decorating in Glam: Part III

GLAM STYLE DINING Thanks for checking out Part III! So far, we’ve covered glam style for bedrooms and living spaces. Here, we’ll talk decorating tips for dining areas. As we’ve learned, glam isn’t really about over-the-top extravagance. A little sparkle goes a long way, and overcrowding your space with too much glitter will only steal […]

Decorating in Glam: Part II

Welcome to Part II of Decorating in Glam! We’ll jump right in and get started. LIVING ROOM GLAM Decorating your living room can be a bit tricky–between hosting guests and spending time with your family, it’s a busy place in your home. Go overboard, and your style may not suit those you share the space with, and […]

Decorating in Glam: Part I

INSPIRATION Glam began in old Hollywood with grand interior design for the rich and famous. Otherwise known as Hollywood Regency, the style blended glitz and glamour with elegance and refinement. Historically inspired pieces like antique, European furniture were combined with golds, silvers, mirrors, lush fabrics and vivid colors to create a look of understated grandeur. As the […]

I Need HELP! Decorating my Coffee Table!


Coffee tables are some of the best pieces of furniture you will ever buy. They not only provide a place to set your drinks and remotes but they also make great accent pieces! Decorating them may seem a little daunting, but given the right inspiration and instruction, its an easy task anyone can do! Now, […]

A Hoppin’ Good Easter


There’s nothing better than sitting out in the sun eating a delicious Easter meal with your family and friends. Sounds like a perfect plan, huh? But wait! You look around and realize your outdoor furniture is not decorated for this special occasion!  Well don’t you worry. That’s where we come in. Here we have our woven […]

Personalizing your Valentine’s Toast


Because we love each and every one of you and because Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, we decided to show you a cute and simple way to personalize your Valentine’s Day Toast! Here are the supplies you are going to need: Steps: Cut out hearts from card stock (tracing a cookie cutter makes it […]

2016 Forecast


Happy New Year all! 2016 is going to be a great year- I can tell. Especially because of the amazing interior design styles that are making their way into current trends. Lets take a quick look at whats up and coming! Bringing the Outdoors, In. This involves bringing a lot of the natural elements into […]

Transform to Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner (t-minus 9 days!), which means it is time for us to show you a simple, clean, and colorful way to redecorate your living room for the season. First, take a look at our room: It’s a modern look with red as our main accent color. Since moving furniture is […]

Thanksgiving Holiday Inspiration

Thanksgiving _SM3

Happy Thanksgiving!! In honor of this holiday, we did an inspirational table just for you! Instead of the typical turkey and pilgrim decorations, we decided to go for a fall theme that could technically be left out for the rest of the season. So we include pumpkins and fall foliage. The pumpkins we kept more neutral […]