An AllModern Makeover for Jenna Dewan

Decorating a new home is no easy task; yet having the opportunity to assist in styling a celebrity space makes the experience fun and enjoyable. And that’s exactly what we did! Our team partnered with our friends at AllModern to add a piece of our furniture to actress Jenna Dewan’s fresh and contemporary Los Angeles home.

AllModern Jenna Dewan x iNSPIRE Q Kershner Sideboard
Jenna Dewan with stylist Erin Fetherson

Using our Kershner Server in the living room, stylist Erin Fetherson created an earthy take on a modern common space. She also included elements of greenery. As a result, Fetherson offered a fresh and chic spot for Dewan and her family to relax.

Jenna Dewan AllModern x iNSPIRE Q Kershner Sideboard
View of the main living room

Notice the use of textures throughout the space; this adds dimension and contrast to make this large room feel cozy and intimate. Additionally, a cutout opening in place of a door to her backyard allows for plenty of fresh air and natural light to come into Dewan’s space. By doing so, this adds warmth and the ability to enjoy the (almost) always perfect California weather throughout the entire room!

AllModern Jenna Dewan x iNSPIRE Q Kershner Sideboard
Detail shot of our Kershner Sideboard (available on

We are incredibly thankful for this opportunity to partner with AllModern. We loved providing one of our most popular servers to help decorate Jenna’s new home. Our team sincerely wishes the star all the best in her gorgeous new space!

To shop the AllModern server provided in Jenna Dewan’s space, please click here.

All photos credit to Nicole Gerulat, 2020.

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