Warm Celebrations in Cozy Style

As the weather turns a little bit colder, nothing feels better than staying indoors. And it’s even better when you do so with loved ones. But preparing our homes for guests can feel a little challenging. You want the space to be warm and inviting, but also stylish and sophisticated. Your space should impress your guests, but also suit your unique tastes.

Luckily, the iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here to help! We put together three core elements of the fall home décor trends to help you achieve your vision.

Keep it light and natural

To kick off the three core elements of the fall home décor trends, we, of course, need a color palette! Take a look at our gathering space:

This image captures our take on the fall home décor trends. It showcases an open-concept gathering space, with a living room and dining room. The walls are painted soft, light colors like pale yellow and earthy greens. The mission-style sofa, accent chair, and ottoman all have oak-finished wood and olive microfiber upholstery. There is a dark wood rectangular dining table and six parson chairs. There is also an electric fireplace in the background.

The best way to lend an atmosphere that is light and natural is by sticking with neutrals like khaki, beige, ochre, and olives. You can see these being used on the walls, the furniture, and the rugs.

This picture is just one piece of the fall home décor trends, focusing exclusively on the dining area. There is a rich, dark wood rectangular dining table decorated with a vase of greenery and a bowl of fruit. Six parsons chairs are around the dining table, all with leaf-printed upholstery.

These fall home décor trends remain true to the neutral and natural palette we’ve talked about all year. And, now’s the perfect time to introduce throw pillows and accessory choices in comfortable colors like khaki, ochres, rust, and olive. These choices are echoed in our tone-on-tone striped walls, patterned area rug, and especially in the upholstered leaf design of our Parson dining chairs. Changing out décor in this way enhances the neutral palette and elevates the look of the natural wood tones of traditional furniture.

Return to cozy and familiar

While we want to provide a space that is open and light, we also want to dedicate this season to returning to our comforts. After all, with colder weather on the horizon, it’s only natural for us to seek warmth. The fall home décor trends are all about staying true to ourselves and embracing all things cozy and familiar.

To return to cozy and familiar in our fall home décor trends, we display our Mission-Style Oak Wood Olive Microfiber Sofa. The sofa also features yellow, red, and green-printed accent pillows for added warmth and coziness.

That’s why the iNSPIRE Q Design Team picked these pieces in our space. The sofa, accent chair, and matching ottoman are all brimming with comfy colors: the lush green microfiber upholstery, the rich wood frames, and the plush red and khaki-colored accent pillows.

 Pictured here is a closeup of the Mission-Style Olive Microfiber Upholstered Accent Chair and Ottoman. The chair features a striped lumbar pillow. A matching blanket is draped over the ottoman.

And the rug ties the whole look together! The rug uses both light and dark neutrals to stick with the color scheme while also adding just a touch of warmth. The patterns are not only beautiful, but also use the same colors as the accent pillows. As a result, we have a cohesive, cozy aesthetic that invites everyone to gather and relax.

This is a wider view of the living room, including the sofa, accent chair, and ottoman. The rug underneath features a beautiful pattern using yellow, brown, and red colors. Up against the wall in the background is the electric fireplace.

Find new joys in our comforts

Last but not least, this one of the fall home décor trends is about finding new joys as we settle into our comforts. Just because we were sticking with one color scheme, doesn’t mean everything needs to be solid or blank!

The fall home décor trends is all about the little details. Pictured here is a black metal tripod table lamp atop a wood end table. The end table features two other pieces of décor and is placed next to the Mission-Style Olive Microfiber Accent Chair.

For example, we had a lot of fun painting the walls! Some walls have the two tones with green and yellow. Another wall we painted entirely green, but we painted it in stripes! The stripes are a fun, creative way to add visual interest without overwhelming the eyes.

Pictured is a closeup of the back wall with the electric fireplace. Upon closer inspection, we can see the stripes painted on the wall, which adds unique character. The electric fireplace has an oak wood finish and features decorations like books, vases, and a table lamp.

In the dining area, we chose chairs with delightful leafy prints. The colors are consistent with the scheme we chose, and the leafy pattern aligns with the “natural” aesthetic we achieve. It’s just another way to have fun in our space without creating too many distractions.

From a bird's eye view, we look at the dining area. In the center is the dark wood rectangular dining table. There is a bowl of pomegranates, a vase of greenery, and orange dinnerware on the table top. Six parsons chairs are placed around the dining table, all with leaf-printed fabric upholstery.

Another way you can find hidden joys is choosing furniture with a secret. In this room, it’s the electric fireplace! Not only does it mimic the look and feel of an actual fireplace (minus the flames), but it is built to serve as a cabinet. Behind the decorative panels are interior storage compartments. The fireplace not only looks great, but it offers convenience too.

In the last image of our fall home décor trends, we take an even closer look back at the electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is built with two cabinets, one on each side, each behind glass paneled doors. This image shows the door open, revealing an interior shelf with several red books and some brown boxes below.

To Conclude

And that’s all there is to it! These are three core elements for the fall home décor trends. At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective. We take our old favorites, the things that make us feel comfortable and familiar, and we bring them into our gathering spaces. By doing so, we now have an atmosphere that lends an air of peace and delight, perfect for the season ahead of us.

We hope that you enjoyed this post! If you would like some more insight to home décor trends, you can check out these three posts. If you’re looking for more autumn inspiration, we have plenty of those posts too! You can also check out our latest posts, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the tips and tricks iNSPIRE Q has to offer.

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