High Point House: Master Bedroom


In keeping with the spirit of the house we went with transitional furniture, adding a solid Mid Century vibe. What’s unique and a little daring about this design is the light and dark contrast. To achieve a fresh, retro inspired style without looking too dated, it’s important to use contemporary design sensibility alongside those vintage […]

High Point House: The Exterior


We’ve just completed one of our largest and most exciting projects of late: the total renovation of a Mid Century modern home! Naturally, we’ve updated the retro-modernist look with vintage inspired furnishing and décor from Mid Century Living, and the results are even better than we envisioned. Follow our process through this huge project for […]

A Closer Look at styling a Mid Century Dining Room

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So, you’ve chosen a beautiful, Mid Century Living dining set! You fell in love with simple, clean lines, space-age inspired angles, and natural wood grain finishes, and rightly so! But now what? How do  you put together a dining room that combines a Mid Century look and contemporary livability without making your home look too […]

Tips and Tricks for Styling a Mid Century Sectional

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Pros of a Sectional Group When decorating you Mid Century living space, you may or may not think to choose a sleek and simple sectional. A sofa and love seat set is usually the natural tendency, but depending on your space, a sectional may be the perfect fit. Here are some great pros: 1. Plenty […]

Mid Century Decor 101 Part III

1915NT-2 +1915NF-3 +1915NT-3SL_LS1-B_Mar 07 2017

In the third and final part of Mid Century Decorating 101, we’ll be looking at how to transform your bedroom into a trendy, vintage haven! A Vintage Inspired Bedroom Putting together a Mid Century style bedroom can give you quite a few creative options. You can customize a vintage look to fit your personality! The […]

Mid Century Decor 101 Part II

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Welcome to Part II of Mid Century Decor 101! Here, we’ll go over how to create a beautiful and tasteful retro inspired look for you dining room. Without further delay, let’s get started. Retro Dining Mid Century styles were never about stiff formality, so think light and airy for your dining space. Natural oak and […]

Mid Century Decor 101

MOODBOARD_MCM02_Jun 07 2016

Elements of Mid Century Modern Style Mid Century Modern design manifested as a significant split from traditional furniture and architectural styles consistent throughout  decades, and even centuries, before. Heavy woods and ornate embellishments made way for light design, natural materials, and clean lines.  The phrase “less is more” certainly rings true. Mid Century architects were […]

Inspire Q is Expanding with New Style Inspirations!

iNSPIRE Q is expanding its style inspiration! Be inspired by lifestyles from six  collections, including iQ Bold, iQ Modern, iQ Artisan, iQ Classic, iQ Oasis, and iQ Junior. We hope you’ll find the look that speaks to your personality and lifestyle. With six collections, combining pieces from across collections offers unlimited customization options and ideas. To […]

May Show Commercial: Part III

_D4A0119 1Mar 20 2017

Day 3: Filming! The fun (and the chaos) begins! Shooting this commercial was quite a unique experience. With the director, his film crew, and our team pitching in, creating this video as an introduction to our upcoming show was a blast! We had a very short amount of time to get through each scene, and […]

May Show Commercial 2017: Part II

_MG_0340Mar 21 2017

Day 2 began with much enthusiasm! We had a set built, and with all the film equipment being set up and coming to life around us, the feeling of making something special really settled in. The film crew and our actor was also in, so a rehearsal was in the works too. Here’s one of our […]